Monday, June 20, 2016

Children's Matters: Love Louder

By Children Program Manager, Joshua Chittum

A mother and daughter participating in our Interim Housing Program recently attended the Love Louder conference at UMKC. Their attendance to the conference was made possible by a donor who covered the registration fee. Also, thank you to Love Louder organizers who gave us a discount. The following is a Q&A with Mom about their weekend experience.  

1. What is Love Louder? 
It is a two day conference for girls between 5-14 that encourages participants to love themselves and increase their self-worth.  

2. What was your favorite part? 
I enjoyed how the conference facilitators were so open and friendly to the parents and children. They gave so many helpful tips on loving ourselves. 

3. What did your daughter like about the conference? 
My daughter loved dancing and singing with the others girls and instructors. She learned to give love to herself every day. Since we attended, she has started jumping up and down in front of the mirror each day saying, "I love me!"  

4. Anything else you would like to mention? 
The mothers, aunts, and grandmothers got to go to groups for adults during the conference. It was refreshing to share information about our kids and their self-worth. My daughter and I are going to go again when it comes back next May.  
If you are aware of conferences, camps, and enrichment activities that will benefit children at Community LINC, please reach out to me!  - Joshua Chittum *

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Learning How to Handle Conflict Pays Off

By Constance Taylor, Program Manager and Employment Job Coach

Community LINC’s goal is always to see our families back on their feet, secure in housing and gainfully employed. I was so impressed each time I saw Kim with her four children. She would have her twins in a stroller and the two older children walking alongside them. I wanted to jump in and help but for fear of complicating things I would just stand back and watch her make it happen. I finally realized she had her own system that worked.

Kim seemed so young to have so many children to care for alone. Because of her past evictions, her only option is a landlord willing to give her a chance to prove she will pay rent and maintain his property in good condition. She has been employed for two months now and makes a livable wage. She recently secured another part-time job working weekends. 

She has eliminated several warrants and reported to court several times concerning a domestic disturbance that existed before she came to Community LINC. She has not only expressed her desire to react to conflict differently but we have witnessed her ability to work through some challenging situations. She vows to work, manage her home and take care of her children. The progress she has already made while managing four children on her own shows her dedication. She is looking for this second chance for housing now and is ready to move forward.