Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Note of Thanks from a Graduate

I wanted to write this letter to simply say Thank You!

After two years of sleeping on floors, staying house-to-house, moving in different shelters, and spending every bit of money I had on hotel rooms just for some type of peace - I got to wake up today in my own home! This testimony of mine has really been a journey for me and my babies and I am so thankful for this program. I really don’t know where I’d be right now if you all didn’t have the faith in me to give me a second chance to stand where I am right now.

I was really broken and when I got into Community LINC so many doors had been slammed in my face and I had been let down so much that I was truly and honestly at the point of giving up because I couldn’t understand: “why me?”

I have so many stories but one that stands out the most to me is giving birth to Zion, my son. I couldn’t even be happy. It was hard to smile.  It was so hard to even be happy. God blessed me with this beautiful baby boy and I knew once we stepped out of that hospital that I had nowhere to take my baby. I cried myself to sleep every single night because I knew I had to take my newborn to a shelter. I will NEVER forget how I felt and I will never forget all the things I went through leading up to now!

At that point I was done and I wanted to give up. It’s like knowing you have the ability to climb that ladder but the foundation you’re standing on isn’t sturdy enough to hold you still, so no matter how hard you continue to try you still are getting knocked over. After all the bruises, scrapes and cuts, you all handed me that ladder and held it for me. Although the foundation was still a little rocky, I was able to climb out of that hole that’s had me trapped for so long! And I am beyond thankful.

I know that everybody has a story and everyone coming into this program is battling something. You guys are truly Gods workers and you are truly amazing. You ladies have worked with me and been the most help I have had throughout this whole two-year journey. And I don’t have enough words to even begin to say THANK YOU!
I came into this program with nothing but a bag and was able to leave with so much more.

I hope this letter reaches every last one of you and once again thank you all for blessing me and my babies. It has truly been a pleasure being in the presence of angels. Thank you!!!